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Most businesses today are in need of a competitive edge, tools and applications to stay ahead of the curve, and the ability to adapt changes quickly. cAccord offers software development services that help businesses do just that. We understand the complex development projects needed to grow your business and provide custom software solutions to help you boost your business efficiently. Extensive research, efficient execution, timely support and lucrative deals – we are your one stop solution. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced developers help you implement critical aspects of your business for the defining competitive edge you seek.

At cAccord, the web application development process is followed with a strong focus on four fundamental principles; scalability, security,usability, and performance. We create dynamic and robust web applications that increase customer engagements and help your business to flourish online. Whether you are a corporate site or an online store, our solutions will help you provide value to your customers, improve customer retention, build a strong brand presence and boost repeat purchases.

What’s that one thing that defines your online presence and impacts your business? Your website. We at cAccord delve deep into your business, understand your business objective and the need for creating a website that truly represents your brand. We then create a website that steadily generates revenue, boosts your online presence, and helps you meet your business goals. We provide complete website design, optimization and management services. A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, our website designs primarily focus on ‘intuitive navigation’ so your customers always find what they need. With us, you get a website that delivers results, consistently.

Our team of API developers specialize in developing APIs that are powerful, reliable, well-documented, and easy to consume. Our focus is on constructing APIs that are completely scalable, totally secure and are in perfect sync with your business needs. At cAccord, we strongly believe that APIs can be a huge asset to a business. However, when not handled well, they can quickly turn into liability too. To avoid those non-stop support calls, it is important to get the API programming done right, from the word go. Which is why we take extra care to ensure that API solutions are problem-free for code maintenance. Simply put, our API services will help you simplify your systems and cut down your operational and maintenance costs.

cAccord isn’t just another desktop application development company. We are passionate about developing ground-breaking desktop solutions that delight your customers, every single time. Our apps provide rich functionality, speed of work and an interface that’s both user-friendly and client-centric. We delve deep into your business needs and examine your business objectives before suggesting the most optimal solution in terms of functionality, extensibility and maintainability. What’s more, we build solutions from scratch, modernize existing legacy solutions, create custom middleware for better connectivity of your business applications – all this to make your business process agile and effective.



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