Facility management company

Densat has years of expertise, a long record of successfully performed services, and a delighted customer. Densat's IFM structure implies that we create, maintain, and clean corporate, retail, medical, and residential buildings (common areas). No homes are serviced.


  • We undertake corporate or large-area thorough cleaning for short periods.

  • On request, we clean celebrity and CEO homes.

Our clients sign 1- to 3-year contracts. Our men go to the client's location and go home every day; they don't visit our office. Our operations department visits the client location to check on the work and people. Densat deposits their monthly pay. Our HR staff trains clients once a month.

  1. Our Workforce is Trained, Police confirmed, Well-groomed and well-dressed

  2. Manpower is prioritised. We supply a replacement if someone is absent. We promise 45-minute relief because of our hub-and-spoke strategy.

  3. The Materials we used are TASKI (a US product) and organic materials which are healthy for people and furniture.

  4. We offer industry-grade vacuums, ride-on scrubbers, & flippers for buffing, scrubbing, and polishing.

Because of this, we are better able to concentrate on reducing your maximum cost while providing the highest possible value.


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