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We have a complete line of consulting and advisory services for your business and the community that works under the International Trade schemes in the USA.  

We offer services for clients who want to do business in the USA involving international trade.   Our company will represent you before Customs and Border Protection; as well as before the other federal, state/local agencies and offices that intervene in the International Trade process in the United States.

 We assist in recuperating your assets, such as:

        * Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, and Motorcycles

        * Money or merchandise confiscated by US Customs, Border Patrol,

           or Immigration.

We assist trucking companies establish a parent company in the USA and providing consulting regarding the importation and exportation of goods from Mexico to the USA.  

We specialize in handling all types of cases for fines, penalties and seizures. We have a high success rate in recovering vehicles, merchandise and currency and reducing or canceling fines.

 We also carry out the process for:

       * Resolve Fines, from CBP, Motor Carrier Applications, Immigration, and  

          Border Patrol.

       * TTB TABC, CBP, various Licenses, Permits, Compliance, and Labeling of


       * Registration and creation of a North American company with the IRS#   

          required for banking services, ready to operate in the United States.

      * Formalization of Fiscal Warehouse and FTZ in the USA.

      * Application of Bonded Carrier, Freight Forwarder, Freight Broker.

      * Transportation Money License Services for Mexico and Customs permit.

      * Export License, Import, Bonds, Permit Records

      * Request and immigration advice for visas, cancellation passports.

      * Vehicle Legalization

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