Epoxy Flooring Services Available in Karachi


Epoxy Coating is mostly done on concrete floors to provide a sturdy and durable surface that can withstand heavy 

Universal Services deals in three main kinds of Epoxy:
1) Self-Level Epoxy Coating creates shiny glossy and a seamless surface which makes the interior a sight to 
wonder and an everlasting surface available in many colors. That is why many industries in Pakistan rely on 
epoxy flooring to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the workers and manage inventories 
and equipment conveniently.

2) Metallic Epoxy is a mixed effect of two or three colors. Which gives a metallic or wooden look to the floor. 
It makes the floor shine and this kind of epoxy looks more beautiful then Single color.

3) 3D Epoxy coating is gaining increasing popularity due to its amazing effect. In 3D Epoxy, we apply a graphic 
printed paper on the floor which looks real and beautiful on the floor. If you are looking for Epoxy Flooring 
Universal Services provide you a professional team, which provides the best quality chemical service with a 
satisfaction guarantee.

UAN: 031-11-126627
WhatsApp: 0311-1126627
Visit our website: https://www.helder.pk

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