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Keyless Repeater With FBS4

Keyless Repeater With FBS4. This keyless entry system repeater combines all the features of the Dexp Car Repeater Multibrand, but with the addition of FBS3 and FBS4 options to expand the range. Keyless entry systems are used to remotely lock, unlock, and start your vehicle’s engine using RF signals.

The presence of FBS4 allows you to successfully interact with AUDI and Mercedes vehicles older than 2013.

The device has been successfully tested on more than 500+ modern vehicle models of all popular brands. You can find the list of support below.

Keyless Repeater With FBS4 Keyless Go repeater

(keyless entry system repeater) is a strong smart key signal amplifier to a vehicle (motorcycle, car, moped, jet ski, yacht, boat, truck, bus, scooter, snowmobile, agricultural machinery, etc.), all means that work on wireless access technology Keyless Entry/Go.

Dexp keyless repeater Multibrand with FBS4 creates a remote link between a vehicle and its native smart key up to 400 meters (1312.4 feet or approximately 1/4 mile) in diameter. The device is designed to remotely control the lock and engine of the vehicle, allows you to open the vehicle and start its engine while the native smart key is placed far away at a distance of up to 400 meters from your vehicle. Thus, this Keyless go repeater significantly increases the signal from the key, as if the smart key is right next to the car, and not at a great distance. At the same time, the repeater Keyless Go simulates the request and fully reproduces all steps of the native encrypted communication between the key and the vehicle.

This allows you to fully use the vehicle as if it were a smart key in your hands, and not at a great distance. Access to the door locks appears, the doors open, and the vehicle receives this signal from the keyless repeater to start the engine when the start button is pressed, which allows you to drive the vehicle without a smart key. The “answer” signal to the car comes from the key (the distance can vary from 50 meters to 300 meters and depends on the type of key and the battery level inside the key). Allows you to open the doors, trunk, and start the engines of vehicles including 2021 models.

Legality of Keyless Repeater With  FBS4


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