Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift

Cartier/Vecinătate: 115 12 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, Ny 11375

Considering the procedure is a non-invasive procedure, it is important to understand that results will definitely be different from a full-fledged surgical butt lift, however, most patients are extremely satisfied with their results. After a number of sessions, generally about 6 to 8, patients can expect to see increased size, improved tone, and much improved texture to the backside. While many women experience a sagging backside as they age, the vacuum butt lift can help women to raise their buttocks giving them a youthful, gravity-defying look you’ve got to see to believe! Following your original 6-8 sessions, we may recommend patients have maintenance procedures performed every month or few months following in order to maintain their fabulous results.


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