Shatter-proof T8 Led Tube Lights For You!


Unlike fluorescent lights, T8 LED Tube Lights are the right choice for residential, commercial, and industrial general lighting purposes. Premium-quality LED chips and robust casing make T8 LED lights a long-lasting and shatter-proof lighting solution. Since the lights come with industry-standard design certifications, you can be sure about electrical safety and reliability over a long time.  At LEDMyplace, we provide T8 lights that come with a rating of 5,00,00 operational hours and offer up to a 5-years manufacturer warranty. If you are interested to know more about T8 LED tube lights, please visit our website!

·         Hybrid = With Ballast + Without Ballast

·         Flicker Free

·         Low Maintenance Cost

·         220 Degree Beam Angle

·         Energy Saving

·         LED Chip

·         Aluminum Heat Sink


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