Garden Solar Flame Lights

The appearance of solar flame garden lights has given a new technological innovation to outdoor lighting. We don't need cables, we just need to install solar flame garden lights. A small solar flame garden light has a complete solar system inside, and the flame solar garden light lets solar energy illuminate our night. The emergence of flame solar garden lights has given us a new low-carbon and environmentally friendly future.


The Specification of Garden Solar Flame Lights



TYD 02



Solar panel power


Total lumen

Positive white + warm white

Lighting time


Number of rainy days


Product size

Outer diameter of lamp body 220mm

Package dimensions(mm)


Package weight(kg)



The Advantages of Garden Solar Flame Lights

1. No cables, cost-saving

2. Renewable clean energy

3. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust material 


The Features of Garden Solar Flame Lights

Garden solar flame lights are characterized by a long-life lithium battery. Coupled with a high-efficiency solar energy conversion rate, the sun's energy can be fully converted in the solar garden flame lights. At the same time, the use of garden solar flame lights can add a strength to environmental protection.


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