Warm up your space now with a Freestanding infrared heater


Do you want to heat your house without installing any complex infrastructure? Undoubtedly, you require a free-standing infrared heater. They are really portable, and you can take them anywhere you want! Free standing infrared heaters are common and helpful due to the simple installation or in situations where you need to install the warmer but do not have enough space to do so, whether they are used in a permanent place or for portable operation.


Sundirect Tower1000-Pro is a portable Wifi-enabled infrared heater. The Tower1000-Pro is one of the best smart portable heaters in the market. It offers an elegant and modern design as well as a smart heating control solution with a glass surface touchscreen on the top of the heater. Equipped with rolls it is easy to move around depending on where you want to get cozy. 


Features :

  • Touchscreen control on the glass surface
  • 270° heating mode
  • Usable with rolls or feet
  • Wifi control via APP
  • Group control via APP
  • Voice controllable


Know More: https://www.sundirect-heater.com/portable-wifi-controllable-infrared-heater/



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