Best magnesium oxide board

ROCKMAX mgo board, also call magnesium sulfate board. it is made from natural minerals including: magnesium oxide powder, magnesium sulfate, perlite, reinforced by plant fiber, and glass mesh fiber. 

  • A1 Fire Resistant 
  • Non-Flame and Smoke Spread 
  • Impact Resistant 
  • Moisture Resistant  
  • Heat Resistant 
  • Mold Resistant  
  • Insert Resistant 
  • Light Weight And Easy Handle  
  • Snap Cutting And Screw Quick 
  • Chloride Free 
  • Non-Corrosive On Steel Frame And Screw 
  • Asbestos Free  
  • 100% Nontoxic 
  • Recyclable Building Material

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Marketing: 0086-512-57388176
Operation: 0086-512-57562316
Address: 4F-429,Yuda Science and Technology Park,Leshan Road,Kunshan City,China


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