Professional russian language classes!

цена: EUR 14 / в час

Hi, students! If you are feeling excited about learning how to speak and understand Russian, this is the right place to be.
High quality Russian language lessons are available.
All levels are welcome!
We are experienced, skilled, university-educated Russian tutors and a native Russian speakers.
Individual program for each student suited specially your needs and goals.
Russian lessons include:
- Reading practice
- Proper grammar - tenses, conjugations, cases, genders, declinations
- Accurate pronunciation and accent reduction
- Vocabulary expansion/ conversation practice
-Developing oral speech
We offer only online lessons (via Skype).Such kind of learning has more benefits then face-to-face lessons:
1.Teachers-only native speakers with correct russian accent
2.Saving time and money (Skype classes is cheaper then face-to-face lessons or classes at Language school)
3. Using of Interactive materials that makes lessons fun and interesting
Feel free to contact us for more information. Please indicate your
level and goals for studying the language.
Price is 12 euro per 45 minutes
First trial lesson is free.


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