Data storage. Additional hard disk

Hey everyone!

Securedate team would like to offer you an individual + complex solutions for creating/supporting and maintaining data servers and/or hostings.

Our company is based in Czech Republic and we are specializing on delivering the best products with the most democratic prices to every customer!

What we offer:

1) Create a hosting site for hosting customer sites (for Web studios);
2) Configuration of the backup server for projects that are on your technical support;
3) Professional selection and further leasing of equipment for large Internet projects;
4) Leasing of the server in combination with administration services and the control panel;
5) Setting up a leased server for optimal performance.

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Webhosting provider; server leasing, configuration and administration

Trusted Web & data solutions

Securedate is a company that specializes on providing complex hosting and web solutions for customers across the globe.

Our team is ready to work on:

- hosting creation + maintaining;
- servers configuration adjustment for optimal performance;
- equipment leasing;
- server leasing;
- server optimization;
- technical administration;
- and even more posibilities!

We also offer an individual solutions.

If you have any questions or offers, please, email to: [...]
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