Looking for a partner, who wants to settle down in Thailand


Looking for a business partner, who wants to escape COVID-19 and spend the rest of your life in Thailand at "The Baan Rai Lake View Residential, Recreational and Agricultural Resort in Northern Thailand."
The Baan Rai Lake View Lake Resort has been under development in Northern Thailand for most of 2020 and will reach its first development milestone at the end of September, 2020. The location is GPS: 17.958980, 100.940230.
Target Population Bases
The resort has various target populations to which it would be marketed.
1. Retired couples - Small one-bedroom air-conditioned homes with a kitchen and bathroom for one to two persons are being constructed which will be fully furnished, including kitchen appliances.
A 3-month rental package is to be priced at $4,500 USD, or the Thai Baht equivalent, while a 6-month rental package is targeted to be $8,000 USD or the Thai Baht equivalent. The use of the sale of timeshares in our facilities will be under consideration depending how much long-term customer demand will develop.
2. Long-term and short-term tenants and weekend guests who will be using outdoor spaces in which to pitch tents for an outdoor camping experience.
Camping has been an ever-increasing leisure and recreational activity for Thai people who seek escape from high population density, fast pace of urban living and the much hotter areas of Thailand and elsewhere in southeast Asia. Rural countryside areas with plenty of fresh air are strongly gaining in popularity this year in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with no assurance of what the future will be, this trend is highly likely to continue.
3. Visiting guests who will want experience the beautiful surroundings and outdoor activities of the resort, which include a large scenic lake, for viewing, relaxation, swimming and fishing activities. Jogging and cycling tracks will cover the resort for outdoor exercise and relaxation.
A Buddhist Temple alongside the resort will enable guests of all durations to experience and undertake meditation.
For more details please contact;
WhatsApp # +66 80 730 1000


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