5g,4g+,home adsl dsl, range extender routers, m5,

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Huawei 5g Cpe pro zain home router – 60kd

Huawei 5g stc pocket router portable – 35kd

Huawei B818 cat 19 stc home router – 32kd

Huawei b535 4g lte advance zain router – 15kd

Tplink 4g advance unlocked router – 15kd

Dlink 4g lte home unlocked router – 12kd

Huawei b580 4g home router – 8kd

tp link deco m5 home router - 16kd

saphire 4g touch screen with power bank router, universal virtual sim - 18kd

Huawei 4g advance unlocked pocket router – 6kd

Dlink stc pocket router – 6kd.

bandluxe Zain 4g pocket router - 3kd.


Home adsl- dsl, wireless range extenders

nextivity celfi signal booster for stc – 25kd

D-LINK DSL-2890AL dual band wireless router – 18kd

Xiami mi dsl dual band router – 6kd

Dlink new model adsl2 home router – 12kd

skyhub sr102 54mbps broadband router - 8kd

cisco Linksys dual adsl dsl routers - 10kd. each

iptime n6004r 300mbps wireless dsl router - 10kd.

Huawei adsl2 wireless router – 12kd

Huawei wireless 500mbps range extender – 6kd

Cisco linksys wireless range extender – 6kd.



Injector power over ethernet – 6kd

Cisco 887VA Integrated Services Router – 15kd.

cisco small business sr224 24port 10/100 – 15kd.

3com 12 port switch – 12kd.


PC parts

Samsung 19” lcd monitor – 12kd

Hp 2gb ddr2 pc rams – 4kd each

Gaming light mouse – 3kd

Nanya 2gb ddr2 ecc desktop ram – 4kd each

13" elo touch screen monitor with wall bracket for POS – 30kd

ORICO Aluminum Alloy USB3.0 to USB3.0 – 4kd       


EPBAX, ip phones, digital phones

Samsung nx-308 hybrid epbax key system analogue - 25kd.

Nec topaz PBX with 6 incoming 12 outgoing – 30kd.

Avaya ip deskphones – 12kd. Each

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