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SM Scientific Instruments is an Indian company established in 1972. The company is known for manufacturing, supplying as well as exporting Laboratory and hospital equipment globally. Some of the equipment provided by SM Scientific Instruments includes bio-safety cabinet, cryostat, Histopathology Equipment, Grossing station for histopathology, microtome, Sterilization Equipment , Loop sterilizer, Bacti Cinerator, Mortuary Equipment, Clean air equipment.

The company has been serving India for the past 25 years by providing Scientific and Biomedical equipment. It supplies equipment all over India covering all 29 States and 7 Union Territories. Not only this, the company exports equipment in several parts of the world including Asia, Middle East,  and Europe. The main focus of the company is on providing quality products and quality services at adequate and affordable cost.


Address- JINDAL HOUSE, A-24 Anand Vihar, Delhi - 110 092, INDIA

Phone- + 91-971 114 8796

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