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Open your Swiss Bank Account completely online!

The Swiss Bank Account is one of the most secure and discreet bank accounts worldwide, and not only for millionaires.
Due to our good and long-term business relations with various Swiss banks, we are able to offer Private Bank Accounts or Business Bank Accounts with a initial deposit of 5,000 CHF/EUR/USD.

Note: The minimum initial deposit is only for the account opening process necessary. After account opening can be used the amount down to a minimum deposit of 1.000 CHF/EUR/USD.
The most Swiss banks require a minimum deposit of 500,000 to 1 million CHF from foreigners.

If you say to your friend or business contact, "Give me a few days and I’ll transfer the money from my Swiss bank account" is one way to make a lasting impression. It immediately gives you an breath of power and mystique.

We offer 4 different Swiss bank accounts to choose from!

More information you find on our website:

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