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Himalayan Salt, which is also popularly referred to as Pink Himalayan Salt, is one of the purest sea salts. It is widely used in the food and skincare industry due to its excellent properties. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, and several other minerals that are healthy for your skin and hair. VedaOils is one of leading Wholesale suppliers, manufacturer, and exporter of Himalayan Salt in India. Vedaoils manufactures the highest quality himalayan rock salt that does not compromise with your health and beauty.

Our Cosmetic Ingredients does not contain any harmful preservatives, fragrances, additives and filler. Order pure himalayan salt raw ingredients at a low price for Industrial & Personal end products. Pink Rock Salt taste is similar to that of plain salt, but it can be a bit too salty. The cleansing properties of Himalayan Salt make it an active ingredient of many personal and skincare applications. It soothes your skin and relaxes your muscles, and can be a boon to those struggling with sore and tensed muscles. There are numerous other medicinal properties and benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt for both commercial and retail users.

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