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Oblasť/Štvrť: 301 302, 3 Rd Floor, Park Centra, Sector 30, Nh 8, Gurugram – 122001, Haryana, India

The spirit of India is perfectly captured and incorporated in the craftsmanship at NEOM. Since most of their ideas and designs are inspired by the immediate surroundings that happen to be so rich and pacifying while also being upbeat and momentous at certain times, the consumer can relate to the products that are being delivered by NEOM far better and easier than they are able to relate to any other. Through their constant effort to refine their work, their indomitable spirit and en endless thirst to strive for perfection, NEOM is rapidly becoming the number one pick for the Indian mass when it comes to Tile Stores Online. Thanks to NEOM, inspirational designs and deluxe homes with exclusive and prime interiors is not just a figment of your imagination. NEOM is here to make all your dreams come true. Visit the official website https://neomtiles.com  today and read up more about the company that is changing the face of interior design so rapidly.

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