Get Nail Shape by Your Choice

This shape has been going on for years. It can be called a basic shape. Its roundness is oval ie oval from the front. For this shape, the nail foiler has to be rotated in the natural shape of the nails. . It gives thin fingers to thick fingers and wide to thin fingers. This shape looks good on long nails. Short fingers seem longer than this. It is good for both wide and narrow nail beds. Keep it simple, using a French manicure or clear nail polish. As the name suggests, this nail shape gives an almond-like look. This makes the nails look thinner and longer. Metallic color or gel nail colour looks good on nails of this type. In this shape, the nails are edgy and lightly pointed and their tip is rounded. It is not for women with short nails. Ladies of Long Nails can easily adopt it. Nowadays acrylic nails are also available in the market so that women with short nails can get this shape.


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