The Best Natural Progesterone Cream for Women


Hormonal imbalances can disrupt daily life, leading to issues such as PMS and menopausal symptoms. Balance Cream addresses these concerns naturally, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle, alleviate headaches, hot flashes, and hormonal imbalances, while also boosting libido and promoting bone and cardiovascular health.
This Balance Cream is a natural progesterone cream formulated to Dr. John Lee’s specifications. This cream contains 25mg per 1/4 tsp of plant-derived USP progesterone that’s an exact match to the body’s endocrine-produced hormones for women at every stage of their hormonal journey. This transdermal preparation, derived from Mexican Wild Yam, is free from harmful additives, ensuring a pure and effective option.
Discover the soothing effect of Balance Cream, your trusted companion for hormonal balance, available at Whole Family Products – your go-to natural health supplement store online.

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