Aronfeld Trial Lawyers

When unanticipated events turn dream vacations into complicated legal battles, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers stands ready to serve as your trusted cruise ship accident attorney. Our firm has established itself among those who have been wronged at sea, diligently fighting for the rights of passengers and crew alike. Specialists within our ranks include highly skilled shore excursion attorneys who address mishaps that occur off-ship but are still connected to your nautical experience. The prowess of our cruise lawyer team comes from a deep understanding of both international maritime law and each client's unique situation — offering personalized support that acknowledges your distress and aims for a fair recovery. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is not just another legal firm; we are a passionate group working rigorously towards achieving justice for those harmed in connection with their cruises—from aboard the vessel itself to expeditions on foreign shores—and securing compensation that reflects their pain, and struggles, and loss during what should have been idyllic getaways turned awry.

Call us at (305) 441-0440 or find us at 1 Alhambra Plaza Penthouse, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134, US

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