Grab the chance to generate heavy profit with moLotus

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Missing out on a huge revenue opportunity which mobile advertising offers? Unlock the real mobile advertising opportunity using a new technology - moLotus. It is disrupting USD 1.7 trillion Global Marketing Spend (Source: PwC); partnering with telcos to participate in the fastest growing revenue segment; uplifting ARPU and CLV.

moLotus is a mobile video customer interaction platform and technology, designed and developed by Novosol - a global mobile technology company. It is spam-free, grabs instant attention, enables almost zero-cost customer interaction and ensures rapid returns.

moLotus mobile advertising platform offers unique capabilities - hyper-personalization, customization, interactivity, global scalability, automation, etc. which distinguish it from its distant and not-so-effective counterparts - Mobile Web, In-App, OTT, and social media.

moLotus real mobile advertising is contributing significantly towards the efforts of telcos and advertisers to acquire, engage and retain customers and has become the primary mode of mobile advertising, offering high conversions and advertising ROI. No app, no data plan required! Connect with us today to explore how we can work together to help you.

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