Newborn Baby Nail Cutter - Best Way To Trim Baby's Nails


Below, we have shortlisted the top-3 best nail cutters for baby that stood out from the rest.

Fridababy NailFrida The SnipperClipper

This nail clipper from Fridababy is best in terms of providing a safe nail trimming experience. The metal is relatively stable and the blade-end specifically designed for operating on soft and delicate skin. And thanks to its rigid handles, you have proper control over trimming. This SnipperClipper is compact enough to be fitted anywhere, and you can carry it pretty much anywhere you want.


Safety 1st Groom and Go Kit – Neutral Safety 1st Groom and Go Kit

This nail clipper comes in a full-fledged grooming kit, which includes a bunch of useful stuff like a toothbrush, baby scissors, small carry bag, and hair comb. Talking about nail clippers, it is made from a combination of metal and plastic. The grip section is entirely plastic shelling, which does provide a good hold over the product. The blades are not so sharp, and they can trim through nails quite easily.


Rhoost Ergonomic Nail Clipper

In terms of convenience, no other nail clipper can come close to Rhoost Ergonomic. Made from pure bamboo and steel silicone, this nail clipper can easily withstand any kind of physical beatings. And due to the silicone band on the back, you get a firm grip on the clipper. It has a beautiful blue-bamboo design that looks playful as well.


Grooming your newborn begins with cutting their nails. Learning how to do that cleanly and safely is essential. Remember to discuss any concerns you may have regarding this with your doctor. Try creating a grooming schedule to organize your baby’s grooming needs. It is recommended that you initially take the assistance of another adult while clipping the newborn’s nails.

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