Stackable plastic grid for cheese

Oblasť/Štvrť: Avioi Tn Italy

Stackable plastic grid produced and developed in Italy by Avioincar sas made entirely of polypropylene for food use. Used in the food industry sectors, such as: seasoning and storage of cheeses, meats and salami and in the fish sector. Contact us directly for stock prices, accessories and customizations.

The grid is stackable and has three measures in height 150, 180, 210 mm depending on the size of the cheese to be stored using a small space. Sturdy and stable, it can also be easily stacked on euro pellets or on wheels for better use of the available space.

Suitable for storage and transport (with a special trolley).

  • Material: food-grade polypropylene (PP) white / blue color

  • Dimensions: 760x580x 210 or 180 or 150 mm stackable

  • Production system: injection molding resistance to operating temperatures: -30, + 80 °C

  • Suitable for food contact: all food-grade polypropylene items are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with CE regulations and directives

  • Uses: for salting, brining and seasoning cheese. Recommended for cheeses such as caprini, caciotte, gouda, tomini, muffettato, cascaval, pecorino toscano, pecorino sardo.

  • Euro pallett: allows easy and comfortable maneuverability inside the cells and storage and seasoning and salting

  • Washing: PP articles are recommended to be washed with 1/2% chlorinated basic solutions, or acid solutions always at 1/2%. it is also advisable not to use solutions with nitric acid, because over time the quality of the plastic material deteriorates

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