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If you are locked out of your home, car or business and need a locksmith, we can help. If you have lost your keys and need them replaced, we can help. If you need CCTV installation or require a broken key removed from your lock we can help. Speedy Locksmith offers a professional locksmith service to the London area 24/7. All locksmiths are fully trained and accredited by the British Locksmiths Association, so you can be sure that they are fully qualified to handle any situation.


Emergency Locksmith

Are you in desperate need of a professional locksmith? The reason could be anything – from a broken key to a change of lock, you can count on Speedy Locksmith to be with you shortly.

Locked Out Service

Has the key broken inside the lock and you can’t gain entry into your property? This is one of the most common locksmith emergencies and Speedy Locksmith knows how to respond swiftly and professionally.

Broken Key Removal

Once you have gained entry to your property, it’s important that you are still able to use the lock. For that purpose, you can schedule a broken key removal service and the locksmith with taking care of that quickly.

Lock Replacement and Installation

In case of a break-in, or naturally-occurring damage, the lock should be removed and replaced with a new one. Speedy Locksmith can do this for you with no problem!

Lock Repair

In some cases, there is no need to install a new lock but simply repair the existing one. This is a commonly used service.

Door Repairs

This service is mainly needed if there was a burglary or attempt. Doors get damaged after a forceful break-in. Repairing a door could include moving hinges, repairs, or cutting ends from the door frame.

Door Installation

If the door was damaged beyond repair, it will need to be replaced with a new one. You can count on Speedy Locksmith to do this for you!

Safe Opening Service

If you are unable to open your safe, Speedy Locksmith is here to help. Just bear in mind that no one can guarantee that the safe will stay undamaged after opening. Safes are generally designed to be difficult to open.

CCTV Installation

You can choose from a variety of CCTVs, so discuss your situation with the technician on sight. The service can be performed only if the cameras for installation are wire-free (do not require to be connected to electrical supply).

Key Safe Installation

There are different types of safe boxes you can choose from, some are similar to a padlock, but the most common ones are wall-mounted. You can count on Speedy Locksmith for a hassle-free service!

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