Tango Argentino female tango taxi dancer - Buenos Aires

Område/Trakt: Palermo

I am an Argentine female tango taxi dancer, very fluent in English, slender, good-looking, former ballet dancer. If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires forget about rejections or negative answers to your invitations in the milonga, instead feel yourself comfortable and safe in the dance floor without worrying about anything but enjoying the milonga with a well-mannered and polite dancer who will keep a low profile with you in public.

In case you are a lady I also know some polite male dancers who will be happy to dance with you.

This ad is not to be mistaken for romantic interest so please do not get confused and embarrass yourself.

Prior to your trip I will be happy to answer all your questions and book a table at the milonga!

You may e-mail me at [...] and I will reply within a day.


Maria Florencia


Argentina Tango female taxi dancer

Buenos Aires City female tango taxi dancer


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