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Embark on a journey like no other with Buddha Travel New Zealand, Auckland's premier travel agency, where your dream destinations become a reality. Since our inception in 2008, as your professional travel agents across Auckland, we've been dedicated to offering travel and an experience, ensuring you reach your destinations safely, efficiently, and with the utmost satisfaction. Our founder, Bhim Neupane, and our passionate team are committed to providing personalised and professional services that cater to your unique travel needs.

Why Choose Buddha Travel New Zealand?

  • Tailored Travel Solutions: Whether domestic flights or international escapades, we offer up-to-date travel solutions worldwide.
  • Expert Team: Led by industry veteran Bhim Neupane, our team ensures your travel plans are in the most capable hands.
  • Competitive Airfares: Thanks to our strong alliances with leading airlines, enjoy the best airfares to the Indian Subcontinent and beyond.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prize our community and customers above all, striving to make travel affordable and stress-free for everyone.


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