Rawrdaily raw dog food subscription

pris: 3 CAD/Day/Night
Område/Trakt: Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley

We strive to take the hassle out of feeding your dog a high quality, grain-free, human-grade and natural raw dog food diet. Locally sourced and produced in Vancouver, BC, we take care of every aspect of your dog's nutrition. 

Our service includes delivering your dog's meals straight to your door! Also, we pre-portion your dog's meals in single serving containers, ensuring that your dog is always fed the precise amount of calories they need, while also taking away the mess and fuss of having to portion out your pup's meals. 

The deliveries take place, once, twice or three times a month, and your dog's packages arrive already frozen in insulated bags. We provide a variety of meals in each delivery (3-5 recipes per order), so that your dog receives all of the variety in their meals that they need. Our most popular meals include: Turducken Meal, Seafood Meal and Beef Meal. 

Our recipes have been formulated to meet and exceed AFFCO's nutritional requirements for dogs! This means that your dog receives the necessary meat, bone, organ, fruits, vegetables, seeds and oils to fulfill their nutritional needs for every meal (All sourced locally).

We go above and beyond for our customers, so please give us a chance to be a part of your dog's life. Visit our website to receive FREE 1 Week Trial of our RAWRdaily meals straight to your door. 

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