Renovation of residential and commercial spaces.


We provide a wide variety of services with guaranteed quality, at a fair and competitive price, from simple repairs to total (deep) renovations of apartments, old houses, villas, villas, shops, offices, etc. ..  maintenance of residential and commercial spaces.

Below is a list of some of our services:

- DEMOLITIONS, loading and transport to an authorized dump site.

- MASON _ wall lifting (bricks, blocks, .), Screed, Opening and covering of fields, . finishes, .

- PLASTERER _ Plastering, Plastering, Barriers; Smoothing ceilings and walls with thin putty

- TILER _ Application Stones, Tiles, Tiles, Mosaic, Tiles, Tiles, .

- PLUMBER _ construction or replacement of water, sewage, gas networks; Unclogging


- RESTORES decorative and artistic objects

- ELECTRICIAN: Electrical assembly and repair



- PAINTER _ painting, lacquering, varnishing; Treatment and Conservation of Iron (anti-corrosive) and Wooden Elements: door and window openings, gates, railings, furniture, .

- PARTITIONS AND FALSE CEILINGS in plasterboard (Pladur), Wood, PVC, .

- FLOORS _ wooden and MDF floors, parquet, floating/laminate flooring, ceramic, natural stones, microcement, carpets, cork, .

- Finishes

- Repair infiltrations, cracks and fissures

- Treatment of the appearance of microorganisms such as fungi, mold/mildew, lichens and algae; bad smell and humidity.

- WATERPROOFING _ solving problems with infiltrations and humidity on roofs, terraces, balconies, . (with PVC, asphalt or liquid screens with epoxy resins); application of water repellent, .

- Thermal and acoustic INSULATION

- Grinding, Polishing

- Renovation of bathtubs (restoration, enamelling, glazing)

- Wallpaper

- Use of attic

- Modernization of spaces

- Frames in wood, PVC and aluminum

- Roofing/ROOF _ replacement, recovery and maintenance

- Support and Maintenance of residential and commercial spaces

- Installation, disassembly/ASSEMBLY of all types of furniture, appliances or any equipment.

- Repairs/REPAIRS _ blinds, doors, locks, windows, drying racks, sanitary ware and accessories, taps, .

- Installation of deterrent systems to scare away pigeons, seagulls and other birds: Spikes, Protection net, Electronic Equipment, .

- Disinfection, PEST CONTROL _ Elimination of Fleas, Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Wasps; Wood treatment.

- CLEANING: roof, attics, cellars, garages, awnings and tents, limescale and rust removal, washing with a water pressure jet, ..

- . among others. We have a wide range of services. If you need a service that is not mentioned here, don't waste any more time, ask for a quote and be assured of a good service!


COVERAGE AREA: We are based in Lisbon, but we operate throughout the national territory. (travel 🚗 and/or accommodation expenses 🏠 🛏️ are the responsibility of the client).

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