gold legend brand new long range locator – new product 2021

Gold Legend Brand New Long Range Locator – New Product 2021


Gold Legend is a completely new metal detector from the German company Geoground, a unique device with a new distinctive design, multiple search systems, an easy-to-use program and features that meet all the needs of beginner and professional prospectors, all at a great economic price.


The Gold Legend device guarantees the prospector the search for various types of minerals, gold and buried treasures through five search systems that use improved detection technologies with completely new features to detect targets from a distance and for great search depths.


Gold Legend provides the prospector with a small device that is easy to install and simple to use through the device program available, easy to choose search systems, adjust their settings, and display the results in a simple visual way on the device's colored screen.


Gold Legend Features:


- Multi-purpose metal detector for deep treasure hunting


- 5 Search Systems [Long Range – Free Mode – Smart Depth – Ionic – Bionic]


- Brand new Smart Depth system for easy estimation of targets depth


- Long Range Front Distance: 0 – 3000 m (adjustable)


- Depth Range: 0 – 40 m (can be adjusted)


- Easy to use multilingual program with easy settings adjustment and visual indicators.


- Economic price compared to its features and capabilities


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