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FIBC Conductive Bags, also known as Type C FIBC Bags, is a specialty product with a very specific design and usage criteria. These bags are manufactured with PP fabric with interwoven conductive threads, such as silver, carbon, or steel threads.

Conductive Bags are the safest choice for carrying potentially dangerous products with constant grounding during filling and discharge.

We offer you a wide range of customizations in design factors like:

  • Bags with Ancillary Loops, Hood Lift, Single Stevedore Straps, etc.
  • Filling and closure options like Open Top, Duffel Top, Filling Spout, etc.
  • Various safe discharge options like Discharge Spout, Discharge Spout with Iris Protection, Petal Closure, etc. and more

If you are looking for Conductive Bags Supplier & Exporter for storage and transport of products like fertilizer, chemical, powders, and flammable products, then get in touch with us today at +91-9909957564 or you may email us at [...]


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