Whee Cooling Fans

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WHEE takes the quality of its products as the soul of the company and places great emphasis on the professional experience of achievement quality. As a leading cooling fan factory, our products are diverse, ranging from DC cooling fans, DC motor clooing blowers, electronic cooling fan to brushless DC blower. From the procurement of materials in the early stage to the finished products in the later stage, WHEE has always strictly examined every link, every process and every detail with a precise and professional eye to ensure the stable function and excellent performance of the factory equipment.




Axial Fans

Axial fans are usually installed in the cabinet of electrical equipment and sometimes integrated into the motor. Due to the compact structure, axial flow fans can save a lot of space, and at the same time easy to install, so they are widely used.

>40-70mm DC Axial Fans

>80-120mm DC Axial Fans

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

When the centrifugal fan works, the blade pushes the air to flow in the direction perpendicular to the axis. The air intake is along the axis direction, while the air output is perpendicular to the axis direction.

>40-70mm DC Centrifugal Blowers

>75-130mm Centrifugal Blowers


A cooling module, electronic components used for fever heat, including heating, heat pipe and fins set.

The set on the hot block has a surface and the lower surface of the in contrast, the heat pipe at one end connected to the heat this fins group, on the other side with the set-piece under the surface of the hot connection.

The collection hot piece of the table surface is equipped with a groove, used for the heating electronic components on them.

The grooves on the heating block can contact with the heating electronic components to realize the three-dimensional, increase of contact area, decrease in the thermal resistance, so as to improve the efficiency of heat conduction.

>Thermal Module

>CPU Cooler

Frameless Type Fans

Frameless fans are ideal for space-constrained and noise-sensitive applications and can be integrated into the complementary radiator or housing designs for maximum spatial efficiency.

>50-70mm DC Frameless Fans

>80-100mm DC Frameless Fans

Miniature Fans & Blowers

Micro cooling fan is thinner, smaller, more miniaturization, meet the needs of miniature electronic components and tiny electronic products applicable to furnish within the tiny electronic products and miniature electronic components, used in the electronic components for miniature and microelectronics cooling, and also reduce the vibration and reducing the noise of the fan operation, etc.

>DC Micro Fans

>DC Micro Blowers

>DC Micro Frameless Fans


Adopt the most advanced design, with high air volume, low noise, corrosion resistance,high quality bearing, silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, high reliability.


General type DC brushless 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 48V


Frequency generator 23k-28kHz Alarm signal output


Reversed Protection


Auto Restarted protection


PWM control output


OVP & OCP & OTP protection


PWM & Temperature control


MCU control application


      - Auto Vehicle 100HZe


      -CAM BOX design


      - EMI disturbance preserve


3-phase IC control


Cooling Fan Application Field

Cooling fans are widely used in different industries.


Our company provides the best heat dissipation solutions for different overheating problems.


More applications


Dongguan Wanhang Electronics Technology Co, Ltd. is a professional cooling fan supplier. We provide DC Micro Fans, DC Micro Blowers, dc motor cooling blowers, fan brushless dc motor, dc motor blower and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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