Amimal Shaped Lighting

Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. ,Chinese lantern supplier, originated from the Zigong Lantern Festival. Committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and sharing the lantern culture of hometown with friends from all over the world. The company's production base is located in Da'an District, Zigong, and a branch has been established in Guangzhou. The company focuses on the production of various festive lanterns, dragon boat, snowing lantern, street lantern light and landscape sculpture products and has a stable art design team and construction team to provide customers with high-quality lanterns. Provide customers with services such as lighting exhibition consulting, design, production, customization, and exhibition.

Animal shaped lanterns  /  animal lanterns is one special lantern style. It can be made for real or cartoon image. Every one animal express a different meaning,which Include white lantern animal crossing, animal crossing stone lantern, lanterns animal crossing. Like panda is lovely, it always decorates with Bamboos. Panda absolutely turns to be an important cultural symbol of Chinese culture. It makes people feel happy, peaceful. For another one Chinese culture symbol is the Chinese dragon. As a symbol of the Chinese nation, the dragon has been deeply rooted in the hearts of all Chinese people for five thousand years, forming a dragon culture with strong cohesion. So the dragon lantern is usually made for lantern show. Of course, many foreigners like animals lantern, its a real image. Tiger, Lion, Peacock, bear, dinosaur, any animals, we can make it. Like, go into the animal park. Make people amazing.

FAQS of Our Animal Shaped Lighting
What is the features of animal shaped lighting ? What is the features of animal shaped lighting ?>
Steel for a frame with led string, its waterproof, sun-proof. It can work under -20℃.

What is the function of animal shaped lighting? What is the function of animal shaped lighting?>
Where can use animal shaped lighting? Where can use animal shaped lighting?>
What is the application of animal shaped lighting? What is the application of animal shaped lighting?

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