Procedure for Indian Subsidiary Registration

Following is the step by step procedure for getting Startup India Registration Certificate:

Step 1: Incorporate Your Company:

  • First, you have to incorporate your Company in India into a Private Limited Company or Partnership or LLP. You just need to follow the normal procedure which involves filing a form-fitting to get the Registration.

Step 2: Register under Startup India Scheme:

  • After that, you must register your company or firm under the Startup India Scheme. You have to fill all the vital details in the form which is available on the website of Startup India & then upload some vital documents also.

Step 3: Upload Documents:

  • You need a Registration Form along with the recommendation letter. You can get anyone’s recommendation letter which is mentioned below:
  • A Recommendation Letter from any PG College in India or in a format that is approved by DIPP;
  • A Recommendation Letter from an incubator that the Indian Government funds as a part of any specified scheme to promote innovation;
  • A letter of funding not less than 20% in equity by an Incubation Fund, or Private Equity Fund, Accelerator, and Angel Fund & which is registered with SEBI that countersign with the innovation nature of the business;
  • A recommendation letter by any State Government or the Central Government of India;
  • Incorporation Certificate, you need to upload the Certificate of Incorporation of your Company or LLP or a Registration certificate for a Partnership Company & provide a brief description of your business.

Step 4: If you need Tax Exemption then mention it:

  • After receiving recognition, a Startup has the opportunity to seek Tax exemption under Section 80 IAC of the Income Tax Act. Upon obtaining approval for Tax exemption, the Startup becomes eligible for a tax holiday spanning 3 consecutive financial years within its initial 10 years of incorporation.

Step 5: Get your recognition number:

  • For the registration of the application, you will get a Recognition Number. After the Authority goes through all your uploaded documents when you get the Certificate of Incorporation.
  •  Now enroll your Company into the Startup India Scheme & reap all the benefits which are provided by the Government of 
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