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At BeepKart we are building a trusted and buyer focused used 2-wheeler platform. Our objective is to deliver a purchase & ownership experience as nearly haggle & worry-free as buying & owning a new-2-wheeler. We have met with early traction, built an MVP and been through multiple business model iterations. We have recently closed a $3mn seed funding round.

India is the world's largest 2-wheeler market. There are 7x the number of used 2-wheelers as used 4-wheelers in India. India's used 2-wheeler market is about $16bn in size and represents over 30mn transactions annually. The market is unorganized and lacks in rules and trust. Globally, last 5-10 yrs have seen a lot of innovation at the cross-section of 4-wheelers and tech. Through this decade, we expect far more innovation at the cross-section of 2-wheelers and tech as India/Bharat digitization progresses. We are a team of 17+ people currently and rapidly expanding. Founders have backgrounds in serial entrepreneurship, tech VC, mobility and fast-scaling start-up operations.


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