Phd Research Guidance for Humanities & Social Science

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Ph.D Research and Guidance for Management Studies

Thesis & Article Drafting – 9500967016


Complete your Research Thesis and Article based on your own objectives and with your interest. Based on your proposal/stage of work, we can discuss over there and complete the research on time with us. Our team will make sure that your work has met all our quality measurements as per your university/guide’s requirement. 



Management Studies

ü  HR

ü  Public Administration

ü  Account

ü  Banking

ü  International Business

ü  Children’s Psychology

ü  Criminology

ü  Culture

ü  Rural Development

ü  Economics

ü  Finance & Insurance

ü  Business Management

ü  Philosophy

ü  Psychology

ü  Humanities & Social Science

ü  Sociology

ü  Story & Novels Writing

ü  Management Studies

ü  Waste Water Treatment


            Civil Engineering / PWD Domains  

·         Construction Engineering

·         Environment Engineering

·         Geotechnical Engineering

·         Architecture

·         Material Engineering

·         Structural Engineering

·         Earthquake Engineering

·         Transportation Engineering

·         Urban Planning Engineering

·         Water Resources Engineering

·         Re-engineering Engineering

·         Reverse Engineering

·         Hydraulics Engineering

·         Disaster Engineering

·         Tunnel Engineering


Women & Child Development


Agriculture and Farmer Development


Aquaculture Department 


Rural / Urban Development 




English Literature – Handling Domain and Specialization


·         Old English / Middle English literature 

·         Renaissance literature 

·         Gothic novels and literature  

·         18th Century  

·         Romanticism   

·         Victorian Literature  

·         Revolution and Reformation  

·         High Victorian Literature     

·         Modernism and Its Alternatives 

·         Post war and Post Modern Literature  



Computer Science

·        Data Mining 

·        Big Data

·        Cloud Computing

·        Software Engineering 

·        Grid Computing 

·        Fuzzy System

·        Mobile / Secured Computing

·        Network Security 



Mathematics - Handling Domain


Pure mathematics

·        Algebra

·        Calculus and analysis

·        Geometry and topology

·        Combinatorics

·        Logic

·        Number theory


Applied mathematics

·        Dynamical systems and differential equations

·        Mathematical physics

·        Computation

·        Information theory and signal processing

·        Probability and statistics

·        Game theory

·        Operations research



Our services & Support  

ü  Editing - Research Articles and Thesis

ü  Proof reading - Research Articles and Thesis

ü  Content writing of Research Articles and Thesis    

ü  Plagiarism Check and Grammar check

ü  Idea sharing, DC meeting support 

ü  We work on separate part of the Thesis and Articles

ü  Technical Language Correction 


ü  Timely Delivery

ü  Plagiarism free writing

ü  Privacy Guaranteed

ü  Convenient timing for discussions



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