Gubb Design

Gubb Design is a West Auckland boutique architectural service, providing personalised solutions in house design planning and renovations to create unique spaces that meet client expectations and needs.

As an architectural designer company, Gubb house alternations Design offers a wide range of services that include planning new house design, upgrading or renovating an existing house, designing terraced housing and offering high-quality recladding services. Gubb Design professionals can also help with getting building and resource consents and providing a comprehensive report on land selection and feasibility.

At Gubb Design, we believe in having a pragmatic approach for every home we build. Each client is unique in their needs and hence, the solutions provided are exclusively catered to suit the prerequisites. Client engagement is important during the design process which is why we use the latest design software to portray how the project would look, even before we get started!

The experts at Gubb Design are specialists with hands-on experience in residential, commercial, educational, retail and industrial design projects. They work to provide innovative solutions in all aspects – be it new builds or renovations, or even house alternations and additions.

Building a house or renovating is a one-time affair. Trust the professionals at Gubb Design to get the best out of your space. Book a meeting to talk to our experts today by visiting the Gubb Design website!

Gubb Design
8a Railside Ave, 
Henderson 0612, 
New Zealand
Phone: 09 8333 252

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