fence privacy screens from provista offering increased

வட்டாரம் /சுற்றுபுறம்: Freemans Bay

Provista presents low-maintenance, premier-quality; highly fashionable and resilient fence privacy screens that are fabricated of high-tensile non-weld 6060 T6 aluminum compound. Besides, these Euro Slat privacy fence systems can be top-fixed and face-fixed, and engineer-designed, while adhering to AS/NZS 1170.1 Structural Design and Design Loadings, the NZ4223 NZ Glazing Standards, and AS1926.1 Swimming Pool safety standards. These easy-to-care fencing systems offer effective protection from harsh weather conditions with their rust-proof surfaces and can be easily camouflaged for increased visual aesthetics. Explore our distinct range of Euro Slat privacy fences only at www.provista.co.nz

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