Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail

ราคา: CNY 100
บริเวณ/เพื่อนบ้าน: Yongnian Industrial Park, Handan City, Hebei Province, China

The thrie beam guardrail is the main form of the semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure in which corrugated steel guardrails are spliced to each other and supported by columns.


The corrugated fence of the expressway has a soft phase and strong ability to absorb collision energy. It has a good line of sight induction function, can be coordinated with the road line shape, has a beautiful appearance, can be used on a small radius curve, and the damage is easy to replace.


Commonly used roadside wave beam guardrails can be divided into five grades according to the anti-collision level, B, A, SB, SA, and SS. The highway anti-collision guardrail is a typical cold-formed steel product.


Thrie Beam Guardrail Details


The two-wave guardrail: 4320mm × 310mm × 85mm × 3 / 4mm, and the column is 114 / 140 mm × 4.5mm.


The three-wave guardrail: 4320mm × 506mm × 85mm × 3 / 4mm, and the column is 130mm × 130mm × 6mm.


Waveform beam guardrails are generally classified by location and collision level. According to the setting location, it can be divided into a roadside guardrail and a central divider with a guardrail. According to the anti-collision level, it can be generally divided into A level and B level. The Class A guardrail is of a reinforced type and is suitable for use on particularly dangerous sections of the road side. Class B is used for special roads.


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