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What is Rectangle Combo Melamine floor pad
Combo Melamine floor pad is mainly used for floor washer equipment, made of melamine sponge and quality microfiber. The melamine sponge is good at removing dirt and stains by scrubbing surfaces. It uses physical decontamination and the  interior microfibers are delicate, grinding hard that can be penetrated the micropores on the surface of the floor during the wiping process, removing stains quickly, polishing, dewaxing, repairing small scratches.it will not affect the luster of the floor and there will be no scratches. It is a new generation of floor cleaning appliances.

Combo Melamine Cleaning pads bring floor cleaning to a whole new level, making it easier to scrub away dirt and stains, it deliver an instant and noticeable clean. It is innovative and suitable for floor cleaning and dewaxing, so it perfect for cleaning variety of floor surfaces such as marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic tile,vinyl, stone floors, wood floors and more.

Suitable for cleaning large surface areas, such as shopping centers, hotel lobbies, dust-free workshops, warehouses and swimming pools.

Principle of physical adsorption,Excellent mechanical dirt removal.
Needs a little water to clean the floor stains.cleaning job with low for work
High Efficient,floor cleaning, polishing, dewaxing completed at one time.
Flooring can be largely in condition,Reduction of costly floor Floor maintenance
Easy to use,with or without cleaning additives, clean and polish and restore shine to protected floors.

If you are looking for an effective floor pads to use on tile, vinyl or other flooring, Combo melamine cleaning mop might be a good choice,welcome various grocery stores, hardware stores, and department stores for more details at [...]. 

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