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Subway floor cleaning melamine pad is made of compressed nano sponge and scouring. It is specially equipped with floor machine. The strong cleaning power of melamine sponge and the fine and hard internal microfibers can penetrate deeply into the micro floor surface. It is the new type of subway floor polishing pad.It is easy to install and disassemble, and has a obvious cleaning effect. It is widely used in subway floor , train waiting area, railway station square and other large floor cleaning!

  • Floor micro-grinding without leaving scratches;
  • Only water and deep floor cleaning.

The main component of the subway floor cleaning pad is compressed nano sponge, its fine texture and micro grinding and the open pore structure can penetrates deeply into the micropore floor surface, It can absorb dirt and water and erases unsightly marks, also it does not damage the floor protection.
Strong cleaning effect: Quickly remove stubborn dirt and stains that not cleaned by traditional grinding discs.
Erase scratches: Repair floor surface minor scratches without hurting.
Deep cleaning: Cleaning and polishing are done in one time, no cleaning agent needed.

Product applicable
Specifications: 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 inches, can be customized.
Applicable fields: supporting the scrubber dial.

Company advantage
The melamine floor pads product has strong adhesion and strong water resistance, it can soaking in water for 24-48 hours ,can withstand the high-speed rotation of the washing machine.
Life Nano has been focusing on the research and development of compressed melamine foam for over 9 years. we are a professional melamine foam material application program provider.

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