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Sinowatcher traffic safety products including solar warning lights, road stud, solar speed sign, and the mobile traffic signal lead driver mainly used to highway, crossing roads, parking lot, or underground garage path. It helps to improve road safety and more efficient.


LED Warning Lights

The warning lights series come in two DC and AC versions. They are designed to ensure road safety in areas at risk of accidents or when road construction in progress.

Lane Control Signals

Lane control LED signal series is designed to maintain efficient traffic flow at the toll barriers, tunnels, weigh station checkpoints at highways, garages, parking lots or multiple lane roads.

Road Studs

Embedded in the road surface - only 6mm extrusion above the surfaceIP67 ingress rating - resistant to dust and water. High level of mechanical resistance (80 tons).The optical design combined with LED optic provides clear visibility. Hard wired - suitable for lane delineation in tunnels.Available also in the bi-directional version.Modes of operation - flashing, steady, sequential.Available color: red, amber, green, blue, and white.Automatic synchronization with pedestrian and vehicular signal heads.Low power consumption - ideal for solar-powered solutions.

Radar Speed Sign

ST-RSS200 is a radar speed sign (driver feedback sign) equipped with 24GHz German Doppler radar, embedded smart microcontroller, high-brightness LED face feedback display screen, and the user LCD screen as...


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