Heat Resistant Teflon Tape

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Heat Resistant Teflon Tape Introductions

High temperature ptfe tape is a kind of high-performance adhesive tape made of PTFE glass fabric applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one side, the tape provides good release surface and high heat resistant properties. The tape with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive can resist 500°F and with acrylic adhesive withstand 350°F.


The main advantages of heat resistant Teflon tape include high heat resistant, chemical resistant, excellent release surface, waterproof, weatherproof and superior electrical properties.


Applications of High heat teflon tape are related to laminating, bundling, hot sealing and electric insulation like as covering tape for sizing cylinders for dyeing machine, as heat sealing tape of plastic films for vacuum sealer and impulse sealer, as laminating sheet for laminating machines of, as covering sheet for friction areas of hoppers, chutes and guide rails, as insulation coverings of wire connections.


We also provide self adhesive teflon tap for sale.


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