Sokoyo Solar Led Street Lighting

ราคา: 2,800 CNY
บริเวณ/เพื่อนบ้าน: Guoji Industrial Park, Yangzhou

SOKOYO, solar lantern manufacturers, solar street lights have been widely used on highways, freeways, rural roads, neighborhood streets, etc. As high-quality road solar lights, SOKOYO's lights can be seen as environment-friendly products that provide security and sustainability.


There are so many regions throughout the whole world that lack electric power, but laying cables and using public electricity is really expensive for them. People deserve to live in brightness. Under this circumstance, solar energy street lights/lamps are offering the best solution here.


A solar road lamp is an independent system. Compared with ordinary street lights, SOKOYO solar street light flexible installation can greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs. And solar street lights can offer a dimming function during the night based on the needs of the power in different periods.                                                          


In summary, solar street post lights are in line with the trend of social development and the need for environmental protection. This industry has huge market potential.


Street solar light has five main components: LED Light source, the solar panel known as photovoltaic cell, solar battery (gel battery and lithium battery are commonly used), solar charge controller and pole. During the daytime, when the solar panel voltage increases up to 5V, the solar panel will start working and generating the power and store them inside the solar battery. This is the charging process. When getting dark, solar panel voltage drops below 5V, the controller gets the signal and stops receiving the generated power. The solar battery starts to discharge the power for the LED light source, the light is on. This is the discharge process. The above processes repeat every day, and potentially even be a way for the street light to have the sustainable source of energy for as long as the sun is up. All components will be installed based on the pole position. This is how the solar street light works.


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