Plastic Injection Mold In India

ราคา: 600,117 INR/Hour
บริเวณ/เพื่อนบ้าน: India

We deal with multiple materials available in the market and we always keep stock of generally used materials like ABS, PC, PP, TPU and some more. Our suppliers around the world can provide any possible material in quick turnaround.

RD has the Top Brand Injection Molding Machines which provide consistency/Repeatability of the produced parts. We have 50T-250T Injection Molding Machine and can carry out very high volume production activity as well. We have a separate team for Trimming of runners, Excess Flashes, Post-Processing works like Gluing 2 or more parts, assembling 2 or more parts with screws or snaps and a QC Team to monitor the output quality with Visual Inspection with QC Check points. For further details


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