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Techflow Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a leading air pollution control equipment manufacturer & exporter in Ahmedabad, India offering various types of dust collection systems, bag filters, manual & motorised dust collectors, low-high pressure centrifugal fans & blowers, pneumatic conveying system, wet scrubbers and furnace fume extraction filtration system for various industrial applications.

The aim to install these equipments in production houses and factories are to trap the pollutants effectively, which can interfere in the processes as well harmful to the human health. Shake bag dust collector is a unique featured dust collector system offered by Techflow in which there is no need for costly compressed air. This type of dust collector is ideal for operation at low cost and energy savvy operations. The air can be filtered and reusable in factory environment.

Wet Scrubbers

It is a pollutant remover from furnace fuel gas and from other gas streams. It is used in large Power plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants and many other industries. Advantages associated with wet scrubbers in air pollution control applications include their capacity to withstand high temperatures and moisture levels, they necessitate a smaller operating space due to compact equipment and they have the ability to neutralize corrosive gases. Applications of wet scrubbers include exhaust cleaning, the treatment of industrial process gas streams and the incineration of medical waste.
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