Sony Bravia W85C (2017) almost new for SALE

ราคา: 490 EUR
บริเวณ/เพื่อนบ้าน: Hesperange

=== Notice) === I do not accept paying any fees for shipping this TV, in order to avoid potential scam fraud which asks me to pay first; a typical shipping scam ===

Purchased new at Sony Center online in the EU, this 75 inch big screen model was used at my home-office mainly to do remote online meetings.

Of couse, it works perfectly as TV if you have a contract with any TV channels. 

As most of my meetings were executed via my PC monitor only, so this had been just sitting in the rooms. I decided to move, that is why I will sell this TV for a bargain price. I can help move this out of my room when you come here to pick it up yourself. 

That's ideal for both to avoid unnecessary cost and fraud deals. If you prefer shipping, you pay first, please. That's my rule for this deal. 

Sony official site:  KDL-75W855C


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