Mananguete Pure Tuba Vinegar

Mananguete Vinegar is an Organic Product, 100% Natural Tuba (from coco sap) thus giving consumers a healthier option from the proliferation of vinegar made from synthetic acetic acid. On every bottle purchased translates additional earnings for the Tuba Gatherer (Mananangot or Mananguete). And because Tuba is an agricultural output - Mananguete Purong Tuba Purong Suka creates livelihood that consequently contributes sustainable income to the local community and eventually to its economy.

We are capable of producing 1,000liters per month of Naturally Fermented Vinegar - from Pure Tuba (coconut sap).

ไปที่แฟ้มประวัติของ Rufino Oliver Lanozo
 Rufino Oliver Lanozo

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