RARITY - Homemade JAM from 20-year-old plum "Grandpa Edek"

ราคา: 30 PLN

Homemade plum jam from 20 year old trea - no chemicals, all ORGANICALLY GROWN.

*** Only 4 out of 10 available, 250ml ***
On request, the cap can be wrapped in a tasteful cloth with a linen string - such a jar is a ready gift.

The jam was made of lovage plums and a small amount of cane sugar, according to an old Polish family recipe. They have a smooth texture and a deep, slightly sour taste.

Grandpa Edek has been growing completely naturally for 20 years, free from pesticides and herbicides. Pure nature and health itself.

The offered jars are a collector's stock for discerning gourmets.

Try it and your body will thank you.

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