Buy Shoo-fly Spray for Dogs and Horses Winter Sale 10% Disco

ราคา: 92 ZAR

Shoo-Fly Spray is an effective fly repellant for dogs & horses.  The solution comes in pleasant smelling solution that does not irritate dogs. Shoo-Fly is a convenient and effective protection against different kinds of flies for dogs and horses also. The spray works on fleas, ticks and midges. It’s non-toxic and safe for use.


-Helps get rid of nasty flies
-Protects against biting flies
-Repels fleas, ticks and midges
-Convenient and effective protection
-Pleasant smelling fly repellant spray

Manufacturer: Kyron

Active Ingredients: Permethrin, Esbiothrin (instant knock-down), Piperonyl butoxide and aromatic oils in a pleasant-smelling base

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